About us

About Us

Indimex Ltd. your company,
The company engaged in wholesale sales of Oriental goods imports for SMES. In his work zúročujeme personal relationship to a range of years of experience in the industry.

What we do
We produce stylish products imports, mostly from the Orient. The customer is a company known as an importer of goods from India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China. Our product range consists of a wide range of products, which are linked to the culture of Asia, Eastern Europe and stylish green products based on a long tradition of their use.

The range of goods is constantly being updated gradually expanding. Thanks to you-today we can provide a menu that contains several thousand items. A diverse number of species of fragrant stamens, textiles, gift, handmade products, leather goods, candles, feng shui products, porcelain products, glass products, perfume, perfume, incense, spiritual articles for more Oriental ethnic products.

We are searching for you ten best najakostnejší items. We are constantly trying to discover new ideas, because we hope that producers in each wearing a smaller little things, you can see the offer, punc-beautiful culture of these peoples, which acts as a little touch of the Orient.

Our goals
Our main goal is to be a reliable supplier of quality Oriental goods. The priority for us is the originality of the quality of our products, which we carefully for you, especially for producers of best brands. Another important goal is to provide the best services to our business partners, promote mutual marketing activities provide support to the sales of our products.

  • Formed in 1992, limited liability company
  • We offer more than xxx items
  • Corporate headquarters-the headquarters of Bratislava
  • Stable company with a growth trend of Print for SMES

Who are our customers

  • wholesalers
  • retail network
  • retail outlets
  • Internet shops
  • Tea rooms, cafes, restaurants, clubs
  • operators courses festivals
  • healers, therapists massage therapists

Why you choose us as a supplier

  • We strive for continuous improvement in the development of our goods, services
  • We monitor market developments with Oriental goods to respond to the needs of our customers
  • We help you choose an appropriate range of data You like for your business
  • We welcome feedback from our customers, positive as well as negative
  • Is important for us to be a good trade partner
  • Building on the Commission’s approach, a respectable trade